End-User Service Agreement

Intelligent Racing End-User Service Agreement

Before starting the course, you as an end-user of the courseware have to carefully review and consent to the Intelligent Racing End-User Service Agreement above. By consenting to the agreement, you agree to not violating the terms set in the agreement, including the Non-Infringement and Non-Disclosure clauses. It is against the law to make copies, modifications, and public or private distribution of the course material under any circumstances.

在课堂开始之前,您作为我们课程的最终使用者,需要仔细阅读并同意遵守在之上粘贴的Intelligent Racing的最终使用者服务协议。当您提供了您的赞成的答案,表示您同意遵守非侵权及保密条款。在任何情况下拷贝、修改、及公开或私下传播本课程的内容将构成违法行为。