Course : Advanced Electronics & Industry Design

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VIP - Flexible

Small Group Interaction
$ 999 2 month subscription
  • Flexible package
  • 20 hrs of live office hours and lab sessions
  • Live office hours are fixed on a weekly basis. Please verify your availability before choosing a date
  • Same benefits as Interactive except maximum 4 students per class
  • Weekly live office hours and lab sessions may be flexible depending on student demand


Fully Customized 1-on-1
$ 3000 30 hours (personalized)
  • Personalized learning
  • Customized to each student’s own pace
  • Comprehensive pre-assessment
  • Guaranteed proficiency in course content
  • Final evaluation report of student progress
  • Flexible package included
  • More hours can be added tailored to students demand

1 on 1 student live support ($100 per hour)

  • Available to all students 

  • Add anytime to any package

  • Flexible teacher support time to accommodate student schedule 

  • Help solve individualized problems